What is ‘Double Creation’?

Starting a new blog and this is the first post! I had to pick a name, of course. As with everything you create, you need to ‘name’ them. Double creation is not something I came up with. It is a principle that governs everything we do, and it refers to this: In everything that is created, there is a two step process.

First creation is the blueprint, the prototype, the design. It is the abstract creation, the one that is first done in the mind.

Second creation is the actualization of the first. It is the act of building, the physical creation of that prototype.

I had created this blog several times in my mind, fantasized about sharing my thoughts with the world. It was not until I took the action to make it a realization that it was fully created, as you see. But, one is not more important than the other, both is necessary to complete the creation. I personally find the second creation more painful because I live in my head more, I have a strong imagination but actual creation, frankly, scares me. I realize it is related to the fear of making mistakes, finding the energy and motivation to turn a blank page into a post, a blank canvas into a drawing or for that matter, turning strangers into a cohesive team, let’s say if they work for you.

But…once you create something into existence… it is simply a rewarding experience. It satisfies something in you in a way nothing can. Think about it, ‘creation’ is godly term! It is a gift given to us, ability to imagine and make it real, because we are part of a bigger source and every creation brings a little bit of you to this world. You ‘give’ something of yourself to the world and by giving, we are posed to ‘receive’ energetically. I found it fascinating in the spiritual sense, how giving and receiving cycle is so perfect and that energy cannot be stagnant, it needs to grow, it needs to be used and transformed constantly.

So here is to more double creations to come!


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